Alex Ross returns to Marvel

While not quite as epic or grandiose as Comic Con, Wizard World is a healthy amount of comics to feast on. This past weekend, Chicago played host to the Wizard family, and over the course of the day, I'll be posting some highlights from the show. So keep checking in to see what you missed. One of the biggest stories to come out of Wizard World had to do with quite possibly one of the greatest and most esteemed writer/artists out there in Alex Ross. Announced over the weekend was the return of Alex Ross to Marvel, with his new project slated for release in 2008. He left Marvel in 2001 after finishing Paradise X, and classifying his return as anything less than "epic" would be a gross understatement. "My return to Marvel comes due to Nick's [Barrucci, Publisher at Dynamite Entertainment] efforts to work with me at Marvel, to make a bridge between myself and the company," says Ross. "The whole time I was working on the Justice series for DC, there was conversation regarding this project." The big question now becomes what is he working on in the House of Ideas. He created a "one-sheet' of sorts to maybe hint at what he plans on working on, as the image of Captain America emerging from fire with the word "RETURN" written may be some indication. Keep checking here for updates on what he plans on working on, and what its like to be back at Marvel. Marvel at Ross