Perhaps the biggest news from Wizard World Chicago was that of Alex Ross making his return to Marvel. Marvel was somewhat tightlipped about what he was returning to work on, until now that is. Word in the halls of the House of Ideas is that Ross will be working on Captain America and the Avengers (no duh you're probably thinking, since his one sheet was a picture of Cap with "return" emblazoned across it). But its not your average avengers. Not even mighty avengers. These are Avengers facing their old leader from the past with Captain America returning (sort of). Avengers/Invaders will be a 12 issue maxi-series (seems to be all Ross does these days) that will inevitably be bound in a beautiful hardcover edition about the Invaders (Captain America, Bucky, Human Torch, Toro and Sub-Mariner) fighting against the modern day Avengers. It will also stay within the current continuity of the Marvel Universe, which is tough and all considering Captain America is dead. "In light of the events of Civil War and Tony Stark's own guilt over the death of Cap, the meeting between these two heroes is going to be an emotional jackhammer," says Krueger. Mmmm. Tasty. Cap is back in 2008