Batman vs. Thor

Everyone round these parts know that I think Batman is the shit. I mean, he's really a god among men since he's one of the few superheroes that wasn't bitten by a spider, or was sent here from Krypton, or was created in a lab. No sir, Batman was bred in the streets of Gotham, watching his parents get gunned down in front of his eyes as a boy. He took that anger and vengeance and, coupled with his sheer intelligence and impressive fighting skills, became the night. So color me a little perturbed when I check out Marvel's homepage. I see a little link that says "Batman vs. Thor," and I think to myself "hmmm...that's a cool crossover idea." Well, I click the link, and see that its a voting comment thread where commenters vote on, you guessed it, who would win in a fight. And I see that everyone is picking Thor. No offense to the true Norse god, but come on? Thor beating Batman? That's not likely. Anyways, feel free to head on over to Marvel and cast your vote for a meaningless competition that will surely incite some flame wars among Marvel and DC fanboys alike. The Dark Knight vs. Thor's Hammer