The Black Dossier gets covered twice

A few weeks ago Omnicomic reported that Alan Moore was hard at work on a follow-up to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, called The Black Dossier. Yesterday, DC announced that the graphic novel's release on November 14 would feature two covers. The first cover (Standard Edition) will be black trimmed and feature Mina Harker running through a hall with the Black Dossier in tow, no doubt escaping countless baddies. The second cover, aptly named the Variant Edition, will bear a blue background, and show Mina Harker in bed reading the Black Dossier. The Standard version will be available to US retailers (with Diamond Accounts) and book retailers, while the variant edition will only be available to US retailers (with Diamond Accounts). So check out your local comic book store on November 14, if you're dying to know what's so important in the Black Dossier that would cause Mina to run through the halls, or lie in bed with it. The Black Dossier's two covers