Captain America: The Chosen #1

The Marvel Knights series has seen its fair share of banging stories, from Spider-man: Reign and Silver Surfer: Requiem. So it makes sense that the next one top both of those (no easy task). David Morrell is up for that challenge. Debuting September 5, Captain America: The Chosen #1 chronicles the beloved Cap's final days as he searches for a successor. Morrell will take on the writing duties, while Mitch Breitweiser (affectionately known as Dax) will provide the illustrations. "Bestselling novelist David Morrell and the extremely talented Mitch Breitweiser have teamed up to bring their remarkable sensibilities to Captain America, in a life-or-death story set in the all-too-real theatre of overseas combat," explained series editor Alejandro Arbona. "This is no plain super hero romp – 'The Chosen' brings Cap back to his roots as an extremely powerful icon and an inspiring embodiment of the virtues he stands for: courage, honor, loyalty and sacrifice." Captain America: The Chosen #1