For those of you that like your comics in web form, there's something new. ComicRack is in the process of being perfected for your online comic viewing pleasure. ComicRack is a Windows based electronic comics reader for computer users (and for the Mac users out there, there's the equivalent in FFView). Capable of handling .cbr, .cbz and .cbt files, which are compressed electronic comics, ComicRack acts as a library for all you comics. Similar to iTunes, it can manage all of you comics, and allow you to read them full-screen, so you can see everything you want. FFView isnt quite as spiffy, as its just a viewer, but still cool. Anyways check it out if you're a big reader of comics on your computer. If not, tell your friends. Be sure though to head into your local comic book store though, because you have the keep the brick and mortar dream alive. ComicRack