Comics for All

I'm not really one to promote the competition, but I guess in this case its ok. Marvel's Nicole Boose (Associate Editor) has begun writing a blog on Marvel's website in an attempt to make comics more mainstream. The first post kind of lays out the guidelines, but it seems like it has some promise. She's established (not so much established I guess, more like borrowed) a rating system where she will assign recommended ages to certain comics. The idea is to put comics in age range categories so that anyone can pick up a comic, read it, and get more into them if it sparks their interest. Its actually a brilliant idea, and is similar to what Nintendo is doing with the Wii. The wave of the future seems to be the casual market, and it looks like Marvel is the latest to hop on that wave. So check out the blog, if you're looking for some lighter fare to read. Or, if you know someone you want to get into comics, recommend this blog first (shameless plug), then recommend the Marvel blog. Comics for All