Don't...I need that!

Robot Chicken the other night had a great short where two scientists come across Soundwave in boombox form, and proceed to jam out. They then open him up, and find his cassette tape, and begin teasing Soundwave mercilessly for being lame and still using a cassette. Well it looks like he's upgrading. TFSource brings you the option to carry Soundwave with you wherever you go, albeit in mp3 form. For $89.95 you can get the Soundwave mp3 player in the vintage Spark Blue, or get more modern and get it in Sonic (i.e., iPod) white. And if you're feeling really saucy, you can get both for a $10 discount at $169.95. It uses and sD card, which isn't included, so be sure to pick one of those up as well. Soundwave mp3 player