Game Almighty

In my vast quest for video game knowledge, I recently came across a nifty little site. Now I'll be the first to admit, that there's only thing about a site about video games that has to do with comics. And that's the fact that the site is laid out like a comic. Seriously, its an awesome format, and one that I will totally use as inspiration once I move this hear site off the free confines of Blogger and onto my own domain. Even the about part of the site reads as a comic. There's news on all the major consoles, from Wii to 360 to PS3, and its not one of the mainstream video game news outlets, so you'd be supporting the little guide (same thing when you read my blog, and I appreciate it). Some of you may have already stumbled on this site in your internet travels, but if you haven't check it out. If you're looking for some gaming news, fly over as fast as you can to Gaming Almighty, and view a refreshing take on website design. Game Almighty


  1. Glad you liked the site Mr. Pilley. Keep up the good work yourself. I'll be sure to check back often.


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