Gantz rides a Dark Horse

I've never really been a big fan of manga, but I can respect it as an art form. I've always had love for some anime, so I'm at least familiar with it. So when news that manga mammoth GANTZ is coming to Dark Horse surfaces, I think people should pay attention. Tentatively scheduled for a summer release, GANTZ (created by Hiroya Oku) describes a team of dead that are hunting aliens and other miscreants in populated Japan. As they perform these missions in this "game," they can die again, which does kind of suck. One of the best things about being walking dead is the seeming invulnerability that comes with it. GANTZ seems to have an almost fanatic following, so it may be worth checking out, at the very least. "Throughout the years, there has been one title that fans approach us about again and again, and that is GANTZ. Dark Horse President/Publisher/Founder Mike Richardson has been pursuing the book since it was released, and we're finally happy to bring GANTZ to English readers. Considered along the same lines as Ghost in the Shell and AKIRA, it is one of the greatest seinen manga ever created. GANTZ has found itself a very fitting home at the world's greatest English-language seinen publisher," explains Michael Gombos, Director of Asian Licensing at Dark Horse Comics. GANTZ to Dark Horse