Girls With Slingshots

If you're looking for fresh comics material for your wearied eyes, rest assured you can find it in a spiffy web comic called Girls With Slingshots. Why slingshots you ask? Because the artist, Danielle Corsetto, admits she couldn't draw guns. Debuting October 1, 2004 at SPX in Bethesda, Girls With Slingshots started as a simple drawing by Corsetto at conventions. Then, she made a promise to create an actual comic, thus creating the dreaded self-imposed deadline. Well, it looks like its paid off, because she updates the site daily with comics, and sometimes even on weekends. You can visit the site, and check out the strips. There are T-shirts as well, but due to the laws of supply and demand (in this case demand wins), they're currently out of stock. There's also word of a collection of the first 100 strips due out by the end of the year, and you can always buy some of Corsetto's artwork if you can't wait for the strip collection. Girls With Slingshots