Heroes gets more pep

NBC doesn't like their shows to lose attention. Especially when they're blockbusters that people talk about the entire season. And news was scant about the upcoming season of Heroes. Until recently, when it seems that there's been an avalanche of press releases. Adding one more press release to the rapidly growing pile, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Janel Parrish will be joining the upcoming season as May, the head cheerleader at Claire's new school. Now most of you won't know this (and if you do, you need to reevaluate your life for knowing), but Parrish was most recently seen (or not seen most likely) as Jade in Bratz: The Movie. She's also had stints on various TV shows, such as The OC, The Bernie Mac Show and Baywatch. It seems to me that Heroes is starting to look more and more like Teen Titans, if the writers decide to give Parrish powers to in some sort of episode twist that no one expects. But with the addition of her and Kristen Bell, this upcoming season is definitely picking up steam. Parrish joins Heroes


  1. It is a great show, I hope they have excellent writers for this show.


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