Heroes Graphic Novel news

DC has a preview devoted to the impending graphic novel release that is Heroes. Its basically a compilation of the first season of the show, showcasing the talented Tim Sale's brilliant artwork. (And speaking of Tim Sale, I just read The Long Halloween, and his artwork in that is phenomenal...simply gorgeous). The hardcover tome will feature two covers, one by Jim Lee, and the other by Alex Ross. There's an introduction by Masi Oka (Hiro), 34 chapters (all episodes from Season 1), and all of Sale's artwork from the show (which was great). And there are tons of talent that have contributed to the graphic novel, including (besides the already mentioned artistic geniuses): Michael Turner, Phil Jimenez, Marcus To, Jesse Alexander, Chuck Kim and Joe Pokaski, just to name a few. Wildstorm is undertaking the releasing duties in preparing it for an October 24 release, costing $29.99. By the time it hits, the second season will be well on its way, as its premiering September 24. Heroes graphic novel