Heroes season premiere bows September 24

The hype train that is Heroes picks up full steam again in little under a month. While I can't say I was exactly thrilled with the ending of the first season, it definitely showed it had potential to hang with the big boys in terms of quality programming. One would expect many questions to be answered from season 1 (as second seasons are apt to do). Sylar slinked away into the sewer, even thought I could've sworn Hiro's sword should've killed him. Nathan whisked Peter into the stratosphere so he wouldn't blow up Earth (although I'm still convinced that Nathan let go of Peter, flew off, Peter exploded, and then healed). All in all, it was a rather disappointing end to a solid season. The season did have its down points, but overall it was good. So head on over to the website at NBC, get yourself refreshed and ready, and be near the TV on September 24 to watch the new season. And the first season comes out on HD-DVD tomorrow, so be sure to check that out if you really want it. Heroes returns