Horse and monkey (and no kung fu)

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Dark Horse Indie (movie label of Dark Horse Comics) is taking a step in the Wizard of Oz direction by working on a movie called War Monkeys. It's no 1,000 monkeys on 1,000 typewriters, but it could be good. Coming from the mind of producer Chris Patten, and Cleve Nettles writing the script, War Monkeys will focus on the story of a janitor who gets trapped (over Christmas nonetheless) in an underground research facility with military trained rhesus monkeys. I'd say think along the lines of Army of Darkness meets Gremlins. This movie could definitely have some great potential, in the same vein as 1950s B horror movies. Keep your eyes on the ebays and internets, as more and more information will definitely be coming. War Monkeys