Image Panders to a larger audience

At the turn of the century, the Pander Brothers worked on a project called Accelerate with author Richard Kadrey (Butcher Boy), which ended up being a cyberpunk piece of comic greatness. For those of you that missed out on that the first time around, Image is giving you the chance to pick up what you missed. "When the 21st century kicked in, we wanted to do a project that suited the state of mind as we entered into a millennium full of endless possibilities." say the Pander Brothers. "Accelerate is a collaboration with cyber novelist Richard Kadrey whose vision of a futuristic Los Angeles captured our imagination and we created a technocratic art style for this fast paced futurist vision." Releasing October 31st (if I can find something releasing on November 1st, I'll post it next, just to keep the sequential release date theme that seems to be forming here), the black and white TPB will retail for a nice little $12.99. This "definitive collection" will feature a brand new cover, as well as new interiors (sounds like they're selling a new car or something). Pander Brothers Accelerate (First news posting on Image's main page)