Jessica Chobot Polystonecold fox

IGN's Baroness Jessica Chobot is about to become immortalized (even more so than she already is). When asked why Chobot, Joseph Reiter (Southern Island president) simply said "since I couldn't persuade Jessica to date me I thought immortalizing her on my desk was the next best thing." Southern Island and Symbiote Studios have plans to create a polystone version of the video game vixen, and in limited quantities. There will be only 500 or so made, and the first two most likely will be convention only specials. Otherwise, you can look to pick the up at specialty stores, such as Hot Topic and Spencer's. I guess this is kind of cool. I don't know how I'd feel if there were a statue of me sitting on someone's desk while someone drools over it, but hey, to each their own. Chobot is working with famed artist Kerry Shiver (Shinobi-Kyouta) to make sure all the curves are where they should be. Keep an eye on Southern Island's website, as I'm sure it'll let you know when you can expect to have Ms. Chobot lounging on your desk. Chobot is statue hot