Katie Holmes Heart Wonder Woman?

In news that will surely piss off just about anybody, the latest casting rumors for that impending Wonder Woman movie have none other than Katie "Tom Cruise Scientology Wife" Holmes in meetings to discuss the role. Star Pulse reports that Holmes "secretly" met with the executives on the film, because she didn't want Tom to be there, and influence their decision. Her worry is that with Tom tracking her every movement, she won't be able to do anything on her own, and without his supposed influence. Apparently, their is a slight bit of turmoil in their crazy land, in that Tom wants another kid, while Katie wants to do another movie before that. Not only that, but apparently Tom requested that Katie leave Suri with him while she attended her meeting, most likely out of spite for not inviting him. Here's the best part about the whole thing though. Apparently, the reason Holmes wants the part is that she "feels this role as a kick-ass superhero will put her back in the public eye." Not to turn all Superficial on you or anything, but Holmes hasn't really left the public eye. In fact, ever since she's gone Scientology on us, she's been more in the public eye than ever before (even during her Dawson's Creek heyday). Now, I would take whatever Star Pulse says with a big grain of salt, since it is, in fact a celebrity tabloid. IESB has since reported that WB confirmed with them that the Star Pulse story is a fabrication, which is great. The last thing we need is a Tom Cruise produced version of Wonder Woman where he plays the one man that conquers the Amazons. Holmes wonders