Kristin Bell speaks about Heroes

News this summer has been awful quiet on the Heroes. Sure, there was news on the graphic novel, and news of the first seasons release on HD-DVD for the high definition beauty. So you have to pay attention when someone the likes of Veronica Mars stops by. In case you haven't heard, Kristin Bell will be joining the cast of Heroes for 13 episodes. A press release issued describes that Bell's character will be named Elle, and will play some part in relation to Peter's death (ha) and Claire's future. She's technically only confirmed for the first half of the season, but there's no reason to believe that she wouldn't stay on for more if asked. "Would you be open to sticking around longer? Bell: I think I might be. I'm kind of excited to go into this family, because doing a new show always feels a little like switching schools; it's exciting but it's also really nerve-wracking. But this feels like I'm transferring to a school that all of my friends already go to." So what role will she play? Will she replace Quinto's Sylar since he's supposed to be dead? Although his "death" was pretty weak sauce (I expected so much more from that season finale), I'd expect to see Sylar back in season 3. In the mean time, it may be good to expect Bell to be the baddie. Only time will tell. What we do know is that Ms. Hayden Panettiere has some competition now for hottest chick on the show. Bell of the Heroes Ball