Mark Waid races home

Seeing as how this is a fledgling blog on comics, I don't know if it helps my cause to mention the Flash. "The Fastest Man Alive" can really only run really fast, although Flash purists will try to convince you that his ability to vibrate so quickly can allow him to time travel (and please the ladies it would seem). But when news that the definitive Flash writer, Mark Waid, is going "home," well you have to pay attention to that. Yes kids, Waid has returned to DC and is writing storylines for Flash again. Waid will focus on Wally West, the trillionth Flash who is the nephew of Barry Allen, and his powers were created in a lab when he was 10 years old. And he has to deal with the death of another Flash in Bart Allen, killed at the hands of standing still (not really, but Inertia was the name of the villain that killed him). "Wally is the ultimate fanboy-made-good," quipped Waid. "We don't know what it was like to be born on Krypton and we don't know what it is like to have our parents slain in a back alley, but pretty much everybody who reads superhero comics knows what it is like to idolize the stuff on the outside as a fan and the excitement of what it would be like to be able to play in that world." Look for Waid's re-debut in The Flash #231, if you're so inclined. The Flash #231