Marvel zombies rise again!!!

The Marvel Zombies series was a great little spin on the traditional Marvel Universe. Having Spider-man introspectively question his decision to eat Mary Jane was classic, and was one of many great moments in the series. The follow-up was even better, when the Marvel Zombies faced the Army of Darkness, and the boomstick was introduced into the fray. Well, it looks like the zombies are coming back, and in a big way. According to Wizard Universe, October will be a month of frights and the undead. Not only will various Marvel comics get zombie variant covers (in honor of All Hallow's Eve), but there will be a new series of Marvel Zombies, called Marvel Zombies 2 (original I know). It seems that there can even be unrest among the dead (get it...unrest), as they return to Earth and face something that threatens to pit them against one another. Robert Kirkman returns to write the epic tale, while Sean Phillips will once again team with Arthur Suydam (who's all over this undead thing) for the followup series. The first issue of the five part series will hit stores October 17, so be sure to check it out. A new Marvel hand rises from the ground