Mike Wieringo: June 24, 1963 - August 12, 2007

I know I'm a little late on this, but I still felt like I should pay my respects to a fantastic artist/penciller in Mike Wieringo, who recently passed away from a heart attack in his home in Durham, NC. Wieringo really made his name while penciling The Flash Vol. 2 alongside Mark Waid's writings, and was even responsible for the creation (with Waid's help) of Bart Allen, who later became Impulse. He also devoted his talents to other works, such as The Sensational Spider-Man (issues #8 through #32), Fantastic Four (issues #51 to #507...it really wasn't 450 issues, they just started renumbering) and Tellos. His work on Fantastic Four garnered unwanted attention for Marvel, when they said they'd be replacing Waid-Wieringo (they quickly recanted and reversed their decision). The public viewing was Friday, August 17 (sorry for not getting this up in time), and there will be a private viewing for his family at a TBD determined date (not like you need to know, unless you're his family). Mike Wieringo