Everyone knew it was coming. After the tremendous hype and success that Transformers: The Movie had, we all knew that the next big movie would be GI Joe. And sure enough, news on that front is starting to pick up. IESB has some juicy casting rumors that they'd like to share with you. According to them, not only is Mark Wahlberg in talks to play the role of Duke, but Jason Statham has now been added into the mix to play the role of Action Man. Having Wahlberg and Statham in a GI Joe movie together is freaking AWESOME. Let me say that again. AWESOME. I cannot think of a better suited movie for those two actors to simply kick ass and take names in (and of course, attract the female population). That being said, and if those two are indeed playing those roles, this movie HAS to be good. Transformers: The Movie was surprisingly good because Spielberg was there to rein in Bay a bit. Early reports had Stephen Sommers (Van Helsing, Mummy) being invited to direct the movie, but word is he was asking too much money (really don't see why, but ok). So the directing situation is still in flux. I believe a script is in place though, and the movie is starting to come together. Statham goes Joe