A movie to kill for

Just like everyone else (I presume), I was caught off guard by the success that the big screen adaptation of Frank Miller's classic Sin City enjoyed. I was sure that the excessive violence would turn off a lot of viewers, but it looks like we're headed towards a brave new world in filmmaking. But in the mean time, we live in Hollywood World, where everything successful gets a sequel. And this is certainly no different for Sin City, as Frank Miller reports that the script is ready for the sequel. He and Robert Rodriguez are ready to begin production. The stories the sequel is based on (A Dame to Kill For and others) are ready to see themselves on the big screen. So why no Sin City 2 tomorrow? According to Dark Horizons, Miller hinted at a panel at Comic Con that the Weinsteins are the hold up. The Weinstein Company hasn't had a run of financial success at the box office as of late, so the monies could be the reason for the lack of production. Either way, it looks like we'll have to patiently wait for the sequel. Is waiting a sin?