New York Anime Festival

Get your cosplay hats on, because the inaugural New York Anime Festival is coming to a Jacob Javits Center near you (if you live in NYC at least) in December. That's right, December 7th through 9th, the Javits Center will play host to the New York Anime Festival. The guest of honor is Kobun Shizuno, who is most famous for directing hits such as Burst Angel, Elfen Lied and Final Fantasy: Unlimited. Also appearing will be Aimee Major Steinberger of The Simpsons and Futurama animator fame, and three musical guests (UNICORN TABLE, HAPPYFUNSMILE and Voltaire). Tickets are $30 each day, but those looking for a bargain can get one in the form of a 3-day pass for $55. The programming is kind of on the light side, but no worries, as they have a few months to throw something together. The Javits Center is a good place for a convention, as I was there for the NY Comic Con earlier this year (and plan on returning in 2008). New York Anime Festival