News on The Incredible Hulk

It's always refreshing to get news involving everyone's favorite green worldbreaker Hulk that doesn't involve the world war he's inciting. "Moriarty" from Ain't It Cool News has an interesting little post over there about the filming of The Incredible Hulk. Moriarty works in Toronto, and apparently, the building across the street from where he works has been transformed (without the harmful gamma rays) into a set for the movie. The post contains some mildish spoilers, so if you like your movies surprising and not spoiled, wait for the next post. "Here's the mysterious part. Ed Norton was dressed in a red cap, a red jacket, and was carrying a red pizza delivery case (the kind that keep pizza's warm), so it looked like he was playing a pizza delivery guy. In this scene he was coming out of the house and putting the pizza case into a bicycle with a giant basket for pizzas on the front. What the hell is going on? Is the Hulk delivering pizzas? Is this something he is doing while he's on the run? Seems more Peter Parker than Bruce Banner, but I'll withhold judgment, because I have no idea what was really going on. Strangely there were a few other guys with red hats and caps scattered around the set. I'm not sure if they were stand-ins or stunt guys, or what." He also goes on to mention that it looks like there's some partying going on, and Liv Tyler walks off with "that dude from Reservoir Dogs," who is most likely Tim Roth. So if you're in the vicinity of the University of Toronto, and you see a party going on, stop by, as you may be able to work yourself into a shot as an extra. Be careful though, because apparently the security guards there are being jerks to anyone that stops and looks. Hulk visits Toronto