October 16 tranforms?

Get that big grain of salt handy, because you're going to need it. Several online retailers (including HDAddicts) are reporting that October 16 is the date when Paramount brings Transformers to your homes in DVD or HD-DVD (since Paramount is exclusively HD-DVD now). Zonadvd.com has reported a release in Spain on November 22, while thetransformers.net has reported a UK release on December 3, so that date certainly fits the timeline. Is this the actual release date? Well, its a little close, especially considering the IMAX release is slated for September 25, but that could be one more marketing ploy to keep the movie fresh in our heads for the supposed October home theater release. Keep an eye on the calendar, and maybe put an X on October 16 in pencil, just in case. Whatever happens, please hope that the DVD/HD-DVD release has some Stan Bush extras. Transformers isn't the same without the touch.