Pre-Teen Raider

Kotaku has a great interview with Gaile Simone, a feminist writer with a flair for the comedy-action routines (and has written for Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman), who is responsible for Pre-Teen Raider. Pre-Teen Raider is a one-shot, 6 minute prequel to the new Tomb Raider Re/Visioned show debuting on Gametap. It focuses on a young Lara Croft, still in private school (don't get any ideas kids) and before she got to the incredibly hot, bad-ass chick raiding tombs the world over. Its a good match, because Simone has comic book writing experience, but also plays video games. And especially fortuitous is that she's played through the Tomb Raider series, so she definitely knows how to approach the story. "The very first Tomb Raider that came out, I played all of the way through," she said. "The last one, Legends, I played all the way through too. It was the first game I've played all the way through in a long time." Pre-Teen Raider Revisioned