Punisher in the War Zone?

News hasn't been very forthcoming on the Punisher movie sequel. The first one with Thomas Jane was very underrated, and it pretty much had everything you could want in a movie about the street vigilante. It wasn't a spectacular comic book adaptation, but it was solid and violent. So when I heard the talk of the sequel, I was intrigued to say the least. Buried in the the Lionsgate Publicity website, the new Punisher is listed with the title Punisher: War Zone. Now, normally, I would just pass this off as a working title, but The Punisher War Zone was a spinoff series penciled by John Romita, Jr. that ran for 3 years (1992 - 1995). So chances are its going to have something to do with that era. Ray Stevenson (King Arthur) is replacing Thomas Jane (sadly) in the sequel, which IMDB has listed as The Punisher: Welcome Back Frank. Lionsgate Publicity Sheet