Return of the Marvel beat em' up

Powerplay Entertainment, LLC, of fame, has just struck a deal with Marvel worth 3 years and 12 products in the arcade region of life. The licensing agreement grants Powerplay rights to use Hulk, Spider-man, X-Men, Captain America, Fantastic Four and Iron Man. Now any of you readers who were born in the '80s surely remembers that great beat em' up arcade games (I remember playing them at a Chuck E. Cheese rival named Peter Piper Pizza). Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons, X-Men...all were quality arcade games that used the exact same formula, but just changed the backgrounds and characters. So I welcome this news with wide-open arms. "Powerplay and Marvel have partnered in a super deal that will bring America's favorite comic book heroes to entertainment venues across the United States, reconnecting Marvel characters and their fans," said Milind Bharvirkar, president, PowerPlay Entertainment, LLC. "Marvel is a well-known brand name, and the company has an aggressive movie schedule for the next two years. Our goal is to launch our new game systems simultaneous to each movie premier, driving fans to our machines and providing them with a vibrant gaming experience." Hopefully, there will be a resurgence in popularity, and we can get these games on something like the Xbox Live Arcade (TMNT is already there) or something. Even the more recent forays into the arcade world with the Marvel vs. Capcom series (please, if anyone from Microsoft is reading, put that on the Xbox Live Arcade...PLEASE!!!) were pretty damn good. Marvel in the arcades with no Capcom?