Ride Dark Horse back to school

For so many of us, school is just around the corner. The long, lazy days of summer are gone (those actually left me about 5 years ago when I started working full-time), and its time to get back to the academic grind. Dark Horse Comics would like to help you out a little bit, by sending you back in style. The Back to School: Dark Horse 101 Contest pits you against countless others, vying for a plethora of back to school supplies, all carrying the name Dark Horse. Its one of the simplest types of contests, where all you do is enter to win. What can you win (if you're one of the four grand prize winners)? I'm glad you asked: Grand Prize Winners (4): - Pencil zip case (Dark Horse pencil, pen, keychain, rubber bracelet, locker/window cling and art gum eraser) - Emily the Strange "Strange Music" CD - Dark Horse logo baseball shirt - Dark Horse logo mug - Dark Horse Deluxe Journal - Dark Horse Deluxe lunch box - Dark Horse Deluxe stationery set - Style School v.1 - School Zone v.1-3 - The Mask: School Spirits - Buffy Omnibus v.1 - Umbrella Academy #1 - 2007 Free Comic Book Day issue So head on over to the website, enter your name, and hope that you'll be able to head back to school in style. And don't worry, everyone likes comic books now, so you won't be perceived as too much of a dork. Back to School: Dark Horse 101 Contest entry form