Serenity Now!

Joss Whedon is best know for two things: Buffy and Firefly. Both center around a strong, female heroine kicking lots of ass and taking lots of names. Both are no longer on the air, despite legions of fans clamoring for more. Both also have seen feature film adaptations that fared reasonably well (the show-to-movie order of Firefly was reversed with Buffy). And now, there's PVC action figures for both. Dark Horse has introduced a PVC sculpted set based on 3-D scans of the starts of the movie Serenity. As of now, the three you can get are River (3.45"), Mal (3.9") and Jayne (4"), and each run $17.99. Supposedly, the process allows "an unprecedented level of accurate detail, both in terms of the distinctive likenesses and the accessories and costumes." So while you cry yourself to sleep, tightly hugging your Firefly DVD box sets, think about replacing them with a PVC action figure from Dark Horse. It may make your nights more restful. River of PVC