Spawn continues online quest for justice

Following the success of the first issue, The Adventures of Spawn continues into the second issue online. With a recently revamped website, Image has created a slew of cool things for the reader. There's of course the first issue online, and the second (first 11 pages) hits the website this Friday (August 24) for your viewing pleasure. There's also some character bios, news on the series, a director's cut, and previews of what's to come. There's even little 3-page minicomics bios for some of the action figures. Between this and Wildstorm's Firstborn being online, you have to wonder if this is ushering in the digital age for comics. Not to get all MBA on you, but will the brick-and-mortar geek hotspots go the way of so many other retailers? Online comics could be the wave of the future, so you better be ready to catch that wave. Spawn 2.0