State of the Comic Union

Lost in the fold of newly released comics, trade paperbacks and other comic related print media are the actual sales numbers. You know the industry is pretty big, but you never really see a dollar amount attached to it. Unless you have a comic book price guide, and meticulously go through and price all the comics. (the CBG stands for "Comic Buyer's Guide") used a more efficient method in Diamond Comics (with some calculations by John Jackson Miller) for finding out the street value of all those comics sold every Wednesday. From January to May 2007, comics made an estimate $210 million, which is 11% better than last year. Diamond's top 300 comics accounted for more than half that amount to the tune of $133 million (up 10% from last year), and 42 million copies sold (up 7% from last year). For someone that's in market research full-time (like me), numbers are fascinating. But even if you aren't as geeked when it comes to numbers as I am, as a comic book fan, its still promising. The numbers are rising, and hopefully that means that more and more good comics will continue to be produced for mass consumption. The comic hockey stick keeps going up