The Tick vs. Season Two

Today is a great day for comic book fans that own a DVD player (which should be just about everyone). Not only does The Simpsons: The Complete Tenth Season come out (where Bart finally gets his plastic head case), but also The Tick vs. Season Two releases. Season 2 has quite possibly, the greatest Tick episode ever created in The Little Wooden Boy and the Belly of Love, which is where I got the moniker from (obviously). Some other quality episodes from this season are The Tick vs. Santa Claus, The Tick vs. The Big Nothing (traveling at the speed of lint) and Leonardo da Vinci and His Fightin' Genius Time Commandos. Unfortunately, there's an episode missing (again) from Season Two in Alone Together. Meanwhile, The Simpsons: The Complete Tenth Season begins to show its age, as its where the show really started to lose a step or two. Don't get me wrong, the episodes are still phenomenal, however, they weren't nearly as cutting as episodes past. In any case, there are still some quality episodes to be mined from this release, and having Bart's plastic head in your DVD collection is also a great deal. I know that Best Buy has a decent deal on both ($19.99 for the Tick, $29.99 for The Simpsons), but I'm sure if you use the internets to your advantage, you'll find the deal that's right for you. The Tick vs. Season Two Review (DVD Talk)