Top Cow's Firstborn

Released to much applause in July, Firstborn #1 originated from the Witchblade series, explaining Sara Pezzini's (current Witchblade) pregnancy, and the child's effect on the Top Cow universe (which seems to be pretty monumental). Written by Ron Marz (Silver Surfer, Green Lantern, Marvel vs. DC) and painted by Stjepan Sejic (Darkness/Wolverine, Savage Red Sonja), the first of three issue series sold out of its first printing when it first debuted in July. Top Cow, being the cool cats they are, have decided to make the entire first issue available online. The Firstborn section of the Top Cow site has information on the characters, story, links to other Witchblade related information, and wallpapers. So if you can't find the first issue anywhere (seeing as how the first printing is sold out), you can check out the issue online. Firstborn #1