Virgin Indian

Sir Richard Branson isn't content with just having power and influence on both sides of the Atlantic. He's now set his sights on the Indian Ocean as well. UTV Motion Pictures, in conjunction with Virgin Comics, are working together to create four original superhero franchises for India. The idea is to create characters rooted in Indian ideology and created by native writers and artists. And why wouldn't India want a piece of the action, when a recent Hollywood study found that comic book movies earn more on average than any other type of movie (about $215 million worldwide). “For too long, western superheroes have dominated the stage, but in India, the original mythic characters were born and we are now ready for a re-launch of larger than life heroes that will reflect the ancestral ethos of the region from which they spawn. We expect this partnership with UTV Motion Pictures to launch a whole new universe of heroes and I couldn't be more excited," commented Gotham Chopra, Virgin Comics Chief Creative Officer. Virgins in India