The Watchmen script clocks in at about 140 pages

So what do you do with that stat exactly? Let's put it this way...125 pages is considered on the long side for a movie script. At SDCC, IGN sat down with Zack Snyder to talk about his upcoming work on The Watchmen. He's yet to commit on a running length, but we know its going to be long. We also know that The Watchmen is probably one of the toughest works of literature to bring to the big screen. During the interview, Snyder talked about his idea for the movie's flow. "You know, it's a hugely difficult thing to take any work of art or drawing and say "make that real." Yeah, it is, to some extent, but the biggest part of making Watchmen is trying to decide what not to have happen in the movie, not what is in the movie. That's easy because we're not like inventing anything, so we're just trying [to decide] what stories don't you have. It's awesome because it's a six-hour movie if you shoot every frame, just about." I'm sure it won't suck, but I am worried that it won't live up to the hype. That was the beauty of V for Vendetta, no one (outside some comic book fans) really knew anything about the book. But The Watchmen is on Time's freaking list, so it naturally draws more attention. Guess we'll see. Snyder's take on The Watchmen