The Whale's Vagina hates Comic-Con?

Or at least that's what one Carol Goodhue would like you to believe. Goodhue is the "Reader's Representative" for, and it appears that some readers were unhappy with the front-page blowout of Comic-Con coverage. One reader was quoted as saying that people dressed as zombies were "symbolic of a dying mainstream media," no doubt impressed with his/her ability to put together a seemingly profound sentence bashing attendees that are doing what they care about. I know that everyone has their own thing (otherwise the phrase "to each their own" would be vastly overrated). But to lambast a news organization for simply running something besides the Iraq occupation (because, you know, the war was declared over 3 years ago), or another homicide, or another shark that has flesh eating bacteria on its teeth and spits out hurricanes. We live in a fear-mongering society that most news organizations capitalize on to sell more copies. I would welcome the massive coverage of Comic-Con, and not just because I'm a comic book fan. Its something that happens only once a year, and I'm sure San Diego makes a tidy profit from the huge influx of fans coming for the event. It seems though that Goodhue really is the "reader's representative," as she essentially goes to bat for the majority of readers that do appreciate stories such as that, and (as she mentions) stories relating to Iraq's soccer team win or Tony Gwynn being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Its just unfortunate that the real "symbols of dying mainstream media" are the idiots that can't get it past their heads that not everyone wants to see a body count on the front page everyday. Unless its a body count of thugs Batman has beaten up in a quest for justice. That would be ok. Goodhue's article (Warning: There is some mention of American Idol)