Xenosaga comes to anime

SquareEnix (I still know it as Squaresoft...the world is square afterall) has always been known to put out some killer games. Final Fantasy III and Chrono Trigger are two of the most epic games ever created. Way back in the days of the Playstation, Squaresoft released a game called Xenosaga, which was epic to say the least. Now those crazy cats at ADVFilms have decided to bring the game to viewers in anime form. Set 4,000 years after humans have abandoned the Earth, Xenosaga: The Animation has humanity on the brink of extinction, and adding to their woes are a race of vicious aliens hunting them known as Gnosis. Its up to a scientist named Shion Uzuki and his ship, the KOS-MOS which has her own agenda, and also happens to attract the Gnosis to her. The site has the requisite extras: trailer, story, downloads, reviews and link to the ADVFilms site to buy the anime, if you'd like it sitting on your shelf. Also, IGN has a treat, as they've secured the entire first episode (which is handily located below, for your viewing pleasure). So you can check the trailer, or check out the episode, and if you like it, I'm sure ADVFilms would love to have some of your money. Xenosaga: The Animation Website