Baltimore Comic Convention

So the Baltimore Comic Convention has come and gone, and what did you miss? Not much really. I only spent about 2 hours there on Saturday, because it was pretty much a glorified comic book sale. There were tons of dealers there, all selling lots and lots of comics from all sorts of publishers and eras. There was also an area set up with one TV and about 40 folding chairs for showing the requisite comic convention trailers (and the big one seemed to be Good Luck, Chuck). I found all the major booths (with the exception of Marvel), and there were some great artists/writers on hand (Mark Waid and Arthur Suydam come to mind), so it wasn't totally without. I even met an aspiring writer/artist who I bought a new comic from (will be talking about that tomorrow). I guess it just pales in comparison to the NY Comic Con, which is to be expected I guess. Anyways, my advice would be its a cool show to check out if you're in the Baltimore area. Otherwise, I wouldn't really make the trip.