Catwoman beyond The Dark Knight?

So yeah, The Dark Knight isn't in theaters yet (it actually isn't even done yet), but that shouldn't stop the rumors from swirling about the third installment in the freshly revitalized cinema franchise. Cinema Blend has some interesting news regarding the yet to be named (and written) third movie of the trilogy, most notably involving the villains. Word is that Two-Face will play the role as the main villain, with Heath Ledger reprising his role as Joker in a secondary, background villainy way. Now that's awesome in itself, and I imagine it will be similar to the way The Dark Knight will pan out, with Scarecrow most likely in the background while Joker runs roughshod all over Gotham. The more interesting news, and its really not surprising at all, is that Catwoman will also show up in the third movie. This is, of course, rumored, but it wouldn't be too surprising if she were in the movie, as Warner Brothers would love to have more familiarity in the third to sell more tickets. No word yet on who would play her, or if her character will even be written in. Whoever does play her (and I would LOVE to see Jessica Biel or Scarlett Johansson in the Catwoman suit), she has big shoes to fill in Michelle Pfeiffer (not so big in Halle Berry). Mmmm....Catwoman