The Circle

Image Comics always has the in-your-face cutting edge mentality, which is a great thing. So it works out well that Brian Reed comes along and pens a new series about a bunch of disillusioned freedom fighters.The Circle features the writing of Reed (Ms. Marvel, New Avengers: Illuminati), and the artistic stylings of Ian Hosfeld (Ultimate Spider-man video game concept artist), debuting this November. The espionage series begins with a story arc called "The Goliath Arc," and follows an M-16 as he gets more and more caught up in an intercontinental battle between The Circle and a rogue CIA assassin (because he wouldn't be as cool if he was a tamed CIA assassin) for a stolen nuclear missile train called Goliath. "It's in the vein of the classic TV show Mission: Impossible, or The Man From U.N.C.L.E., and somewhat inspired by the fantastic long running comic strip Modesty Blaise," says writer Brian Reed. "The Circle is a group of freedom fighters that first formed amidst the horrible civil wars in the Baltics during the late 1990's, and today operate as guns for hire." The Circle hits stores November 14, and will cost $2.99. The Circle (on Image's main page)