The Dark Knight tragedy

Its important to realize that the special effects that go into making a movie are just that: special. Its becoming more and more common for special effects to be of the ILM variety, but there are still those that require an actual person to be driving an actual vehicle. Sadly, it was in the latter case that a special effects technician lost his life doing work for The Dark Knight. The Hollywood Reporter reports that during a scene where a stunt car was doing a test run, a 4x4 was following the car (presumably the Tumbler) and crashed into a tree at the end of the run. The deceased technician was in the following 4x4. It wasn't actually on the set of the film, nor was it during the actual filming, as it was only a test run by the technicians to make sure everything was set up for the real thing. An investigation is being launched, but I'm sure nothing devious will be found. Sadly, the world of stunts is a high risk one, and my condolences go out to the family of the technician. Stunt technician dies while doing test run