Gon daddy, gon

I'll admit that I've never heard of Gon before. But when The Daily Yomiuri reviews it, I guess I have to pay attention. The Daily Yomiuri is the largest English language newspaper in Japan, and there was recently an article about Gon, discussing the re-release of the series by CMX (under DC) in the US. Gon is a manga with no dialogue that tells the story of a baby dinosaur living in an environment with present-day animals. It received the Excellence Prize in 1998 at the Cultural Affairs Agency's Japan Media Arts Festival, in addition to winning the Will Eisner Comic Industry Award, Best Humor Publication Award and Best US Edition of Foreign Material at San Diego Comic Con. Upon receiving the Excellence Prize, Gon creator Masashi Tanaka mentioned something about not really feeling personification. "People often ask me why, but from the beginning, I never thought this work needed it," Tanaka said. "There should be no grammar for manga. Also it's very odd to make animals talk like humans. What I tried to do in Gon is to achieve a kind of excitement words can't describe." I have to say, that now knowing that Gon is a dinosaur, the character in Tekken 3 named Gon-Gon makes so much sense. Gon gets attention