Grand Comic-Book Database

Comics have been around for a while now. From way back in the day, with the creation of Batman by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in Detective Comics #27, to more current series, such as DMZ, readers have had a dearth of stories to choose from. The task of keeping track of all of them though can, as imagined, become quite daunting. Enter the Grand Comic-Book Database. The Grand Comic-Book Database is a website that asks you, the reader, to submit information about comics. Any comic. The more entries made, the more exhaustive the database becomes. The goal is to create a wealth of knowledge for historians, scholars, researchers and comic book fans to be able to draw upon when they want to know details about a particular comic. By cataloging key information (cover, story, debut, etc.), the Grand Comic-Book Database can accurately answer any question about any comic. So head over to the site, and poke around a bit. If you'd like to volunteer to be an indexer, you can contact Ken Lemons at Grand Comic-Book Database