Halo: Uprising #2 Preview

Odds are that if you're at least semi-conscious, you're at least remotely aware of a franchise known as Halo. Marvel certainly heard of it, and decided to dedicate some writing and artistic talent to a comic series about everyone's favorite Master Chief. Well, Halo: Uprising #2 is set to drop in a few weeks, so I figured I'd give you a little preview of what to expect. The Covenant has captured Master Chief, and back on Earth things aren't so hot. As the world is being ravaged by the alien invaders, no one knows where to find "the key," which could prove to be the salvation that the few remaining humans on Earth need to save their race. Brian Michael Bendis continues to write the thrilling story, while Alex Maleev provides the breathtaking visuals. Halo: Uprising #2 releases on October 17, 2007, and will run you $3.99. In the meantime, feel free to pick up the first issue, or play through Halo 3 a few times. Halo: Uprising #2 preview