Heroes online for free

It looks like the NBC/iTunes row has just gotten a little more intriguing. A couple of weeks ago, NBC opted not to renew their contract with Apple for putting content on the iTunes store. Yesterday, NBC announced that they would have full-length shows available on their website for free. This is the perfect opportunity for those of you out there who missed the first season of Heroes to catch up on the show, since the second season premiere is right around the corner (September 20 at 9 PM). And if you're not keen on the whole watching shows online thing, you can also pick up the season 1 DVD or HD-DVD and get caught up. Speaking of Heroes, I'll be here to give you my review of the show, and try to preview the next week's based on the current episode. Although, the writers have kind of already ruined the new season surprise, as the preview for this week's episode (through the RCN guide) talks about how Sylar's actions have changed the lives of Peter, Nathan and Matt, and there are two twins that apparently have the powers of being badasses. NBC shows online