Iron Man runs from The Hills

Poised to be one of the biggest blockbusters of 2008, Iron Man is scheduled for a May 2 release. So of course, its not too early to start showing a teaser trailer for the movie (if The Dark Knight can do it, why can't Iron Man?). Superherohype reports that Paramount plans on debuting the teaser trailer September 10 across its highest rated programs. What program will it first debut with you ask? The f'ing Hills on MTV. Yes, they're debuting a trailer for Iron Man during a show on MTV that's a spinoff of their other smash hit Laguna Beach. I won't go into how lame this is, but at least we get to see the trailer. There's a list of all shows that the trailer will debut across all their networks, from Comedy Central's The Daily Show to CMT's Trick My Truck. And if you aren't aiming to TiVo any of the shows and catch the trailer, it will also debut online September 11. Iron Man trailer debuts