Bale out as Batman?

Now I'm not saying that IESB is said Ryan Gosling has been cast as Bats, but it could be true. IESB reports that Gosling tops a very short list to play Batman/Bruce Wayne in the Justice League movie, but its certainly not confirmed. They also report that Tom Welling is out of the running for Superman, which really is a shame because, you know, he's got that whole Smallville thing going on for him. Brandon Routh was seen going into a meeting with WB executives, but there's really no word on what he was meeting with them about. "But Omnicomic," you're saying to yourself, "couldn't Routh have been discussing the sequel to Superman Returns?" Probably not I would say to you, since that has taken a backseat to the overall Justice League film, and there probably won't be any action for the Man of Steel for quite some time. More Justice League news